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Ozy Web Design (formerly Expert Web Media)
a Web Design & Development Agency
Melbourne, Australia


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We are committed to providing high quality web services to all our clients.

From the Manager

Hello and welcome to Ozy Web Design. When we first began designing websites back in 1996 the world was just getting introduced to the web in a quite fast way.   It is amazing how web technology has progressed throughout the many years.

I remember the speed to the internet used to be on dial-up through a phone line and speeds were like 14,000 bits/sec (if you were lucky). Mobile devices were just introduced. The speed of a computer was 1000-fold slower than your mobile phone today.

Technology is always growing and thriving. Today, a lot of things are performed on the web. We know how technology has moved the world. Each and every business needs to learn or get help in moving along with this technology.

Over the years, we have grown and increased our customer base and our knowledge and skill in the web industry. Our technical expertise along with our friendly nature enables us to provide the best customer service to all our clients.

Our fundamental aim is to leave every customer highly satisfied with great business results. We are 100% committed to fulfil all professional work regardless of the budget or the size of the work. Everyone gets our best service no matter what they pay.

low angle view of skyscrapers in Shenzhen,China.

Our Work Ethics


We Wear Many Hats

We wear many hats not because we are bold, but our biggest strengths are internet technologies together with designing, developing, and hosting business websites.