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SEO Opportunity Radar

Annoying Website Sounds

Opportunity comes to those who know how to grab it. Opportunity is never lost, it just moves onto other peoples opportunity radar to be claimed. In any market one needs to have developed a way to detect these opportunities when they arrive. Opportunities are a way to continue the momentum of business growth. In the … Read more

How to make more proper backlinks by doing less

Business Community

How to build proper backlinks to your site? If you’ve been told that you need backlinks to your site in order to rank it higher on search engines then you was told only half the story. My friend, the truth is that improper backlinks can destroy your sites competitiveness on search engine listings. If your … Read more

What does SEO really mean and how will it benefit you?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Like a lot of things in the business world it really has very little meaning for the majority of the people. Most business owners wouldn’t have a clue what these words mean. On face value, it is a cryptic word that has no logical meaning. It’s an industry tech … Read more

How To Avoid SEO Over-Optimization

How to be safe and stay indexed in search engines by avoiding SEO over optimization. Be natural. Think natural. Execute Natural. One thing I must mention is the use of over optimization of anchor text in building back links to web-pages whether that link comes from on-site page or from an off-site page. It can … Read more

How to Do Proper On Page SEO

So many times I had to answer questions related to on-page optimization for the topic of the page. Here’s a compact reference to guide any person in writing content for a page and what needs to be kept in check. On Page Optimization Here’s something you must know – things change every month with the … Read more