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Professional Website Hosting

We’ve got you covered. Website design and hosting in one place. When we host a business website we put them on local hosting servers.

If you’re serving the community in your city or country then it is best to have your website hosted in that country.

Our servers are active 99.99% of the time. They are secure against hacking and viruses. We monitor them daily and will jump in to help if something goes wrong with the hosting.

We offer 50% discount on the first year of your website hosting.


Local Website Hosting For Small Business

It is vital that a website is online and active at all times. The server hosting your website must be functional and quick to respond for requests.

Hosting Account

Having to find the right hosting for your needs is equally important. Here at Ozy Web Design, we direct and show our valued clients the importance of having a proper hosting account.

Managed Hosting

Ozy Web Design hosts and manages its own servers, making sure the quality and the responsiveness of the server is at optimal levels at all times.

Business Class Web Hosting

Paying too much for web hosting can be a bit too much for price conscious businesses, and on the other hand, paying very little can bring you nothing but headaches. One does need to aim for a cost/performance balance that brings in the best of both worlds.

Here at Ozy Web Design we fully manage our own hosting and thus prepare our clients to be on systems where the cost of hosting is right with respect to the website functionally, availability and responsiveness.


Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Starting from only $14.95/month

Save more with yearly hosting.

  • Data Centre Located in Australia,
  • Fully hosted WordPress hosting,
  • Spam and D.O.S. attack intervention,
  • Reliable servers,
  • Monitored 24/7
We can help with the transfer of your existing website (C-Panel).