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Business Card Package

Business Card Package

Ideally, the best package for anyone or business on a limited budget! We understand how it is.

(Not having any budget is bad, but having a somewhat limited budget is perhaps a blessing.)

This package is ideal for

  • Small Businesses on a Budget
  • Sole Trader Business Websites
  • Personal Websites
  • Enthusiast Websites
  • Unique Domain for a Product Website

It would be unwise to host your business on a free hosting like Blogger.com, Weebly.com etc. Those sites are great for complementing your main business sites, but are not wise or business centric to display your products or services.

People would not want to do business with a website address like OzyWebDesign.weebly.com. We wouldn’t and why should you!

Business Email Address
Time and time again, I see lots of businesses damaging their own businesses with an email address such as joesmyth72@ gmail.com or xyzplumbing@ gmail.com. This is enough to put you out of business altogether. You don’t have to stop using Gmail.com, but you can complement it in your business. Gmail.com, yahoo.com email, they are convenient but not ideal for business email addresses.

How about joesmyth@ xyplumbing.com or joesmyth@ jsconsulting.com? I thought so. Don’t lose your potential clients! Do something about it, you can have a unique and professional website design ready in two days. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Special Offer

Business Card Package

  • Standard Theme
  • Transfer Logo To Site
  • 1 Page Business Details Page
  • 1 Domain Name Registration
    (.com or .com.au)
  • 12 Months Hosting Included
  • Submission to Major Search engines
  • 1 Contact Form on page to Capture Potential Customer Feedback
  • 1 Email account Setup

This package is an ideal choice for small businesses who need only an identity webpage for their business and are on a budget. Sign-up and have your site active in two days. Advantages of Business Card Package

Is it a cost or a Wise Investment?

It really is not a cost but a wise investment for your business. It would only put you back  less than 50 cents per day. You can skip one coffee per week to pay for the cost of having your very own business website with a nice first impression. Mind you, we will design a website that closely matches your business theme and one that is almost unique to the core. The colours, the look and the feeling would be unique as much as possible.

Websites for all Occasions

Small Business Small Business

Industrial Web Design Industrial

Transportation Web Design Transportation

Electronics Web Design Electronics

Hospitality Web Design Hospitality

Personal Web Design Personal

Health & Beauty Web Design Health & Beauty

Automotive Web Design Automotive

Food & Drink Web Design Food & Drink

Education Web Design Education

Health & Fitness

Handyman Services Web Design Handyman Services

Hobbyist Sites Web Design Hobbyist Sites

Recreation & Sport Web Design Recreation & Sport

Web Design and Many Others

What Do You Get for a Budget Business Website?

  • You get your very own business domain name
  • You get your own BRAND of email address, you @yourbusinessname.com
  • You Get Your Own Products and Services showcased on the page
  • You have the option of expanding that site further at a later time
  • It’s very affordable to have your business website
  • You get a professional website design for your business
  • You don’t have to worry for 12 months (all costs paid for 12 months)
  • We will put you online without you doing anything
  • You can collect potential customer/client details through online form
  • We will be there always to support you in expanding or answering your question
  • and so forth.


What are you waiting for?

In 2 days, you’re online with your own business website and unique domain name.

The advantages of owning your very own business website is many.

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