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Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes to Stay Away From : Part 2

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes Part 2

 Annoying Website Attributes

This is the second part of our Top 4 Annoying Webpage Attributes.
The first part is here.

It is understandable and correct to say that each person has a different opinion towards websites. It is also ok to hate what I would consider a great looking page. The fact is that we cannot please everyone. Each person has aunique perspective. But what is interesting is that there are some pages our there that have annoying attributes no matter how good the content is.

Website designers and developers try their best to figure out how best to present a site to their audience. Here at Ozy Web Design our main thought on designing pages is to make it easy for the visitor, to read, to navigate and get the information as easily as possible. A winning page is be that matches the page to the visitors expectations. High converting pages are those that do this remarkably well.

Let’s jump right into the 3rd and 4th most annoying webpage attributes that we have grouped into this article.

3rd Most Annoying webpage attribute: Links Opening To New Tabs or Windows

I personally don’t like this behavour that is programmed into a webpage. Sites that open up new pages are those that are not only opening a new tab but also multiplying the amount of processor utlisation. Two tabs equals twice the amount of cpu cycles needed to serve those pages.

Generally, a vistor expects links to open into the same tab unless indicated with a sign that the link opens to a new window or tab.

Why do some sites do this is another matter. But, we know that on countless situations, these pages that open to new tabs is one way of delaying the vistor from leaving that site.

You may ask: Why do EWM hate these types of pages? Over the years oeprating systems have become so bloated that this disease has also spread to internet webpages. The bloat is perhaps the biggest reason why we hate sites that open into new tabs.

On every page that you visit nowadays, expect to find html, CSS, javascripts and images that get downloaded to your computer. The browser has to read these files and assemble these into the programmed state of the page. What is cruel is when websites go beyond the norm and add more than what the average computer can handle.

My friend, the internet is run by advertising. Advertising has shifted from the TV and offline newspapers and onto the internet. Unfortunately, there is a high burden and overheads that come with pages that have attached advertising.

But, you can eliminate these advertisers simply by installing ads buster plugins or addons for your internet browser.

4th Most Annoying webpage attribute: Annoying Flash Navigation and Design

no annoying flashEver since the web was created, I knew this technology “Flash” was bad news. Flash is great to use if you’re going to present something with lot more that HTML and CSS, but the buck stops there. Your home page does not need to have flash. Flash will load a lot slower than conventional web pages.

It is very annoying to see an hour glass in the 21st century even with a fiber-optic connection to the net. These website owners are behind the times and truly need to upgrade their use of technology. Simple webpages are lot more user friendly then flash designed ones. People are after information and flash just plainly interferes with that process.

If somebody offers to design a website in Flash then run the other direction. You know why? Flash designed sites lack Search Engine Optimisation technologies. Search engines are unable to break down the inherent code behind the page. Besides, search engines like Google serve sites that are responsive and load quickly. Unfortunerely, these kinds of webpages don’t rank well on search engines.

I must admit, I am an anti-flash web developer and wouldn’t go near it to design webpages with it any more. Flash is dying technolgy and is really not used to develop general web pages.

There are many websites on the net, and if one doesn’t provide you the answers another will. So, you have a choice between sites you visit. Every site is a click away from a search engine.

Most of these kinds of annoyances can be handled through plugins or your browser settings. Perhaps my most hated sites that annoy me the most would be the small text. Yes, yes, I can use Control + Mouse wheel to adjust the size of the text and I do use it often on a lot of sites. But, it is an annoying to do this everytime.

There is a solution for nearly everything. It is matter of self-educating by searching for the answer.

ps: with 45 tabs open, my Firefox is using 2GB of memory. If your browser becomes sluggish then it is best close the tabs that you don’t need and restart the browser. You also need to tell your browser to remember the session upon restart.

You may also want to read the most powerful Firefox Browser addons that can prevent cpu overuse.

Hope you enjoyed reading the 2 series of the most annoying webpage attributes we’ve presented.