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The absolute minimum cost of a 10 page professional website for a small business

In this article you will discover what it will cost your business to have a 10 page website if you decide to do the design and development yourself. I will take you through the principle of having to build a fully functional website on your own. The concept of saving money is not new to … Read more

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes to Stay Away From : Part 2

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes Part 2 This is the second part of our Top 4 Annoying Webpage Attributes. The first part is here. It is understandable and correct to say that each person has a different opinion towards websites. It is also ok to hate what I would consider a great looking page. The … Read more

All Time Top Firefox Internet Browser Addons

My Favourite and Powerful Firefox Plugins Every Browser needs to have a good set of browser plugins or addons to maximise the use of the internet, the browser and the computer on which they are connected on. How I feel without my browser plugins Without my plugins I am like a person who is alone … Read more

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes to Stay Away From : Part 1

Top 2 Annoying Website Attributes Part 1 Everybody has a different taste when it comes to how websites should look and feel. I will presented a few of those attributes most website designers should shy away from when designing pages. Here is a glance as to what you will find here: Annoying Background Music Small … Read more

The Importance of a Domain Name in Business

Domain Names are very important In this article I will outline the importance of a Domain Name for businesses new and old and how valuable it is that you start with a good and unique name that is most relevant to the market you’re in. What is a domain name? Domain name is the term … Read more