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How To Avoid SEO Over-Optimization

Risk of Over Optimization

How to be safe and stay indexed in search engines by avoiding SEO over optimization.

  1. Be natural.
  2. Think natural.
  3. Execute Natural.

One thing I must mention is the use of over optimization of anchor text in building back links to web-pages whether that link comes from on-site page or from an off-site page.

It can be negative optimization if one writes links that mention the main key-phrase for a targeted page. All anchor texts should have a variety of Keywords or phrases when used in a any back-linking to a targeted page.

The main keywords for anchors should not pass 5-10% of overall back linking to any site. Just like on page optimization it should not go beyond these figures otherwise it is a red flag. It is even more necessary to lower this percentage when you’re building more back links to your pages. Otherwise you might as well give up now and throw the towel in and quit.

This is what we must stop doing when creating back links to a main site that needs to have an authority in it’s field of industry. It is necessary to use other keywords in the anchor other than the pages main keywords.

eg. instead of “main keyword”, we should use a variety like “The Best main keyword”, “Main Keyword suburb or city “, Cheap Keyword,and so forth. Avoid using the top keywords more than 5% if back-link quantity is high and, between 5 -10% if back-link quantity is low.

It is absolutely a requirement that you introduce more variety to balance existing SEO strategies for your work.

Google’s and other search engines algorithms change almost on a regular basis throughout the year. This is one of the main areas where off-site back linking usage needs to be looked after when it comes to using off-page anchor texts (keywords).

What is important though is that the correct on-page optimization is carried out correctly as suggested. I cannot emphasize the importance of this knowledge for SEO purposes.

That is the reason why I speak quite highly of having a proper on-page optimization.

We build sites that are natural and have optimization that is also natural. This type of work is legitimate and will increase the authority of the site over time.

Many companies are doing this as are Google themselves without spamming the internet.
Spam is another topic in the future that I will address on this site.

Thank you.

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