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How to Do Proper On Page SEO

Correct OptimisationSo many times I had to answer questions related to on-page optimization for the topic of the page. Here’s a compact reference to guide any person in writing content for a page and what needs to be kept in check.

On Page Optimization

Here’s something you must know – things change every month with the way Google indexes pages.

The way Google works and how their algorithms determine the quality of a page is measured by the following and there is really not much weight involved (for a keyword) in the number of times it is mentioned in an article or page.

What matters is how you present the main key terms.

Here is the main areas they are looking for in determining what an article is about:

– Meta data (hidden from view – the title, description and keywords) – Contains the main keyword in each area here.
– H1 Tag – Containing the main keyword(s).
– H2 Tag – containing combination of the main keywords
– H3 tags – containing some or none of the keywords but related terms.
– Text that is Bold – must contain a keyword and a combinations.
– Text that is italicized – Again it tells something related to the topic of the page.

When a page has the above in the correct places than the next biggest boost to the topic of the page is the relevant links it is getting to the page in question. The backlinks must have a variation of the main keyword and must not all have the same anchor text (main anchor keyword should not be more that 5% ratio and it has to look natural – if it’s not natural then the algorithm Google uses will detect the artificiality of the backlinks and will tag the links as possible spam and even the site in totality).