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How to make more proper backlinks by doing less

How to build proper backlinks to your site?

Proper Back-linking

If you’ve been told that you need backlinks to your site in order to rank it higher on search engines then you was told only half the story.

My friend, the truth is that improper backlinks can destroy your sites competitiveness on search engine listings. If your site depends on organic traffic from search engines then read on.

Link Relevancy

Creating backlinks is an art in the SEO world of website marketing. Employing search engine optimisation tactics for a website is vital but there are pot holes one needs to avoid in order to make quick ground. SEO is like a double edged razor and it can cut both ways. If it’s not employed correctly then instead of building an empire it can destroy it slowly.

High Risk Irrelevant Back-linking

So, don’t risk building irrelevant backlinks that can hurt your site. Irrelevant backlink can work against your sites authority and ranking.

If you need to create a backlink to a webpage then ask the question that will eliminate whether your backlink should be applied.

Does the page with the link have any relevancy to the page it is linking to?

For example:

If you have a page about tennis shoes then you need to find pages that talk about shoes and tennis together on that page in order to create a backlink.

It would be highly irrelevant if you had a ink on page about weight-loss that links to your page about tennis shoes. This would be an irrelevant linkage and can harm your sites ranking. Some search engines could classify such links as spam links and can put a red flag against the outgoing link.

Dangerous Back-links

Irrelevant backlinks can be dangerous and tends to put up a red flag. These classifications are mostly employed by search engine algorithms and are automatically added to a database without human intervention.

So, be warned! Try not to create backlinks to your site from irrelevant pages and websites. You get the message? The rest is history otherwise!